Cancer Coaching

Diagnosed with cancer & not sure what to do or where to start? I will help you to take control, find the path best suited for you & assemble your "Healing Team" for recovery and beyond.

Energy Medicine Therapies:

​the natural way to heal

Are you or someone you love affected by cancer?

Cancer Coaching Programs

Private 1-on-1 Coaching
Group Cancer Coaching


Corporate Cancer Coaching

Private 1-on-1 Coaching
Group Cancer Coaching

Cannabis/CBD Consulting

It's time to heal

We will consult together to ensure you understand your diagnosis and identify the potential 'thorns' (contributing factors) - so they can be removed. You will gain control of your decisions, treatment and healing modalities that you will implement on a daily basis that support your physical and emotional well being, journeying your path to health.

If you don't know there are options, you don't have any.

Struggling with your health: anxiety, depression, weight control issues, stress, sleep disorders, pain, inflammation, pharmaceutical drug dependency, diabetes, high blood pressure, auto immune disorders? Schedule a cannabis/CBD consult to see if it's for you & how to work it into your life!​

Enjoy your life symptom-free & pain-free with ENERGY medicine (burnouts are for race cars, not your body)

When you are presented with a cancer diagnosis and choose to restore health in your body to promote healing, you must do so by living healthy on purpose. We take this very seriously; mind and body, and support you as you make these changes. Regardless of the treatment route you choose, we are here to help.

We are NOT a medical facility, we offer therapies to promote health and wellness in your body! Our program offers information, resources, support and therapies that promote whole body health.

Your body wants balanced health & wellness. It's up to you to provide the right tools so it can work its magic (aka, innate intelligence to heal), naturally.  I want to help you discover & develop your individual path to healing & health. Regardless of the therapies you choose, I am dedicated to support you in achieving wellness.

We offer a variety of NATURAL /  NON-TOXIC /  NON-INVASIVE therapies & programs to help you meet your personal goals & well-being with safe & effective techniques that are relaxing & health promoting.

Your body is designed to heal itself when it is balanced! Find out about our therapies.