Community Wellness Center =
holistic health spa for cancer healers & their families

It's time to heal

We will consult together to identify the potential root causes of your cancer diagnosis. We will develop a plan of action with strategies you will implement on a daily basis that support your physical and emotional well being, journeying your path to health.

If you don't know there are options, you don't have any.

Diagnosed with cancer & not sure what to do or where to start? I will help you go from chaos & panic to control & power. I don't treat you, I will train you to be the healthiest you!

International Cancer Coaching


When you are presented with a cancer diagnosis and choose to restore health in your body to promote healing, you must do so by living healthy on purpose. We take this very seriously; mind and body, and support you as you make these changes. Regardless of the treatment route you choose, we are here to help.

We are NOT a medical facility, we offer therapies to promote health and wellness in your body! Our program offers information, resources, support and therapies that promote whole body health.

I know a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming. I know there is so much to learn & know & understand. So much actually, that it is often the reason that people don't even know where to start! And, if you do happen to figure out a starting point, which path do you continue to follow: what foods, exercise, detox methods, supplements, therapies, spiritual guidance, emotional support, stress relieving practices do you choose?

Your body wants balanced health & wellness. It's up to you to provide the right tools so your body can work its magic (aka, innate intelligence to heal), naturally.  I want to help you discover & develop your individual path to healing & health. Regardless of the therapies you choose, I am dedicated to support you in achieving wellness.

We offer a variety of NATURAL /  NON-TOXIC /  NON-INVASIVE therapies & programs to help you meet your personal goals & well-being with safe & effective techniques that are relaxing & health promoting.

Your body is naturally designed to heal itself when it is balanced! Find out about our therapies