Stephanie McKeith
THETA Living, founder
Cancer recovery strategist/cannabis consultant/presenter/ workplace wellness specialist

I have always been committed to my fitness, but not always in the most healthful ways. I felt like I could out-work any bad food choice or drink  and I believed exercising excessively would make me stronger and more fit. I thought being a vegetarian meant eating pretzels and cheese with some lettuce on the side. I thought depriving myself of food to lose a few pounds was the way to shed inches. I thought going to the doctor when I was sick to get medicie was the way to get healthy....never, ever did anyone ever talk to me about taking responsibility for my actions and outcomes of my own health. 

By the time my second child entered our lives, learning healthier alternatives became more important to me. I ventured to find every natural, non-toxic remedy I could find in order to avoid illness. I got really good at "managing" our daily health so it was quite the blow when my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and I didn't have the solution at my fingertips.

As I dug deeper into my research on what the root of cancer is, what fuels it and what fixes it, our lives were drastically changed forever. I discovered integrative measures to incorporate into my Dad's treatment plan to help him avert side effects from chemo and radiation. The information I found along my Dad's way was life altering for my entire family. Frequently, I would find myself thinking - I could have saved so much time and headache if there were someone to guide us in creating my Dad's road to recovery. Cancer (and most dis-ease) is 85-95% environment and LIFESTYLE, leaving genetics only to contribute between 5-15%. A healthy life must be the result of a healthy lifestyle. There were so many missed opportunities to prevent this disease, but he just wasn't aware and wasn't paying attention to them. I had many sleepless nights, studying, researching and digging for any information that could make life easier for him and bring him to health. Why was it so hard to find information...answers...options? Why weren't the very therapies that could make my Dad feel good and live life easier available? My Dad was a whole being, yet only the cancer was the topic of discussion. Doctors practice medicine, they don't help you to create a recovery plan - this missing piece was costing my family so much valuable time. 

Sadly, we were learning along the way and not all the information that we would discover was in enough time to make a significant impact on his condition. At diagnosis, he was told his only options were: radiation and chemotherapy. Unfortunately, neither provided the results we had hoped for. He needed more, he needed cancer care support. We weren't aware of the various other supportive options for cancer care. We weren't aware of programs that would help us ALL get through this diagnosis; patient and caregivers. 

We didn't have proper support or guidance - this would have saved SO much time and confusion. I say "WE" because my entire family had to find ways to deal with this diagnosis. Each in our own ways because cancer changes everyone's life. Caregivers are impacted emotionally as well as physically when tackling this disease with their loved one. And I couldn't help but wonder, what if there were someone to help us that would help us figure out why he developed cancer and what how to build his plan of action to recover from this disease. There was noone to guide our family on how to help limit side effects, maintain and/or improve his quality of life or even mention alternative therapies to complement the traditional treatment he was receiving. We didn't have anyone to call to discuss appropriate integrative therapies that could have helped limit his suffering and extend his life, with enjoyable quality. We were on our own for support in every way; nutrition, detoxification, sleep, emotions, pain....and really, anything that didn't involve chemo or radiation. We needed a guide.

Something(s) in his body faulted and allowed the cancer to develop and there was no one helping us to discover this process. Beyond receiving a cancer diagnosis, he was given an expiry date. This welcomed FEAR and hesitation, along with lack of hope. I remember wishing there was someone to consult with who could direct us towards anything that could offer.....more. We continued on, doing the best we could with what we could find. Those six short months his life was predicted to last, extended to 4 years with the help of integrative therapies. Sadly, it wasn't soon enough for my Dad and he died from therapy related "Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome", not cancer.  He wasn't done with life. He wanted more time with his family. Now, I am on a mission to make sure everyone who crosses my path knows they have options and there is supportive programming to help develop a recovery plan and take part in supportive care.

I didn't set out to become a cancer recovery coach. I didn't choose this profession, it chose me and I couldn't be any more thankful that I was open and ready to accept this opportunity when it presented itself. I have spent years in school studying and researching and mentoring (and studying some more) to stay up to speed on natural and non-toxic ways to support the mind and body strategically developing "plans of action" to find the best individual paths back to health.  I guide my clients with knowledge, experience and tools to help each and every one of my clients shift from "cancer crisis" to "cancer control". I share information, resources and various health therapies to help them take responsibility of the recovery process and find their best route to well being and improve quality of life. I meet you wherever you are - on whatever path of treatment you choose. To each their own and we all deserve support and encouragement along our ways. 

Theta Living offers services and advanced energy medicine therapies that lead to a holistically healthy lifestyle. We are here as a COMPLIMENT to whatever method of cancer care you choose, wherever you are in life! You will be supported in making efforts towards a healthy lifestyle - to heal from cancer, naturally. 

Amy Mooney

Reiki Practitioner / Instructor

When my family and I experienced dramatic healings through Reiki, I was compelled to learn how to give this amazing healing experience to others.  Since 2012 I have continually expanded to learn additional healing modalities in order to bring a unique healing experience to my clients.

Fully clothed under warm blankets and surround by soft lighting, your 60 or 90 minute healing sessions will be comfortable and relaxing. Through various hand positions, I move positive healing energy throughout your body to bring balance and rejuvenation.  I am also an intuitive healer.  This means I tune into energy that allows me to get to the root of the blockage or problem.  My clients love to experience the depth of healing and understanding these communications bring to their healing sessions. 
For more info or to schedule an appointment. with me please call 734-552-1379.