You have cancer, now what?

How did it get here and where did it come from? How do you get rid of it and not lose quality of life through treatments? How do you focus on YOU as a whole being instead of only attacking the cancer?

Diagnosed with cancer & not sure what to do or where to start? Where will you find support and who will understand what you are going through? We will help you to take control and find the path best suited for you & assemble your "Healing Team" for recovery and beyond.

Cancer Coaching
​and Support Programs

Group Cancer Coaching
Individual Coaching
Chronic Disease Recovery Programs

With the anticipation of 1/2 of the population being expected to have a cancer diagnosis by 2020. We need to offer support in the workplace. Corporate cancer coaching and prevention programs available.

​Cancer Recovery is a multilevel program designed to guide and support people who choose to actively engage in the process of healing

The cancer care support you have been looking for is right here!

Cancer does not mean the end. It means the beginning to a different journey that is focused on YOU. 

Theta Living will be the driving force for transforming local cancer care. Together, we will ensure that our community members have the best personalized cancer care and support so that no one faces cancer alone.

If you don't know there are options, you don't have any.






We offer a variety of NATURAL /  NON-TOXIC /  NON-INVASIVE therapies & programs to help you meet your personal goals & well-being with safe & effective techniques that are relaxing & health promoting.

Your body is designed to heal itself when it is balanced! Find out about our nature centered therapies today.

When you are presented with a cancer diagnosis and choose to restore health in your body to promote healing, you must do so by living healthy on purpose. We take this very seriously; mind and body, and support you as you make these changes. Regardless of the treatment route you choose, we are here to help.

We are NOT a medical facility, we offer therapies to promote health and wellness in your body! Our program offers information, resources, support and therapies that promote whole body health.

Your body wants balanced health & wellness. It's up to you to provide the right tools so it can work its magic (aka, innate intelligence to heal), naturally.  I want to help you discover & develop your individual path to healing & health. Regardless of the therapies you choose, I am dedicated to support you in achieving wellness.


Energy Medicine Therapies:

​healing nature's way

for anyone seeking health, nature's way